I have tried to answer all the questions I can think of in my FAQ listed below. If you have any more questions please contact me and I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for looking at my pens. You can also visit my Etsy shop to read reviews and comments about my work and to view more pens.            www.etsy.com/shop/InkpotPens

I have enjoyed working with wood all my life. Originally, there were much larger projects such as home remodels. As the years past I started to look for a smaller type of wood working project. I have always liked custom, handmade one of a kind pens so I naturally investigated this craft.

I found that the fine detail work of pen making and the endless varieties of materials were fascinating to work with. Each pen is truly a unique one of a kind item. I work in equal parts with local woods, exotic woods, acrylics and stone to make my pens. Each has their own beauty and quality that is unique.

The inventory status for each pen is always only one. That is because each one is uniquely made and truly one of a kind. All our materials including rare wood types come from legal sustainable forests.


Who manufactures your pens?
I handcraft all the pens on this website. They are all one of a kind and when it sells that particular unique ink pen is gone

Where does your wood come from?
 All of our wood products are purchased through legally licensed providers that provide exotic woods from sustainable forest product areas.

How do you price your pens?
All of our pen pricing is based on the price of the materials involved in the making of the pen. You may see two pens that are the same style but priced differently. The price of the finishes plus the cost of the Woods or Acrylic affect the pricing. Chrome plating while durable is less expensive than say Antique Pewter. A more common wood is cheaper than a rare exotic such as Burl

Will the pen I order be the same as the image?
Yes, all of our pens are one of a kind, no large production. When a pen is purchased, the item page changes to out of stock because it is the only one there is.

What if I want a pen that is out of stock?
If you see a pen you like, let me know, I will give you a price, and estimated ship date. Please note that although the pen I make will be similar there will be slight changes in color and grain as each wood or acrylic piece is unique

Can I get a custom pen made?
Yes, you can, if you see a pen style you like and a wood or acrylic you like on another pen let us know and we will give you a price, and estimated ship date

Where do you ship to?
We currently only sell and ship to the 48 continental USA states by USPS.

Can I return my purchase?
We accept returns for 14 days from the date you receive your order. We do not pay for return shipping unless the pen is defective.

How do I use the Fountain Pen Ink Pump?
Using the ink pump is the most efficient method to fill the fountain pen. An ink bottle is required. Unscrew the nib assemble and attach the ink reservoirs into the bottom of the pump, push in. Turn the knob counter clock wise until the piston inside is all the way down. Insert the nib into the ink bottle and turn the knob slowly, clock wise. The ink will fill the cartridge when the piston is all the way up. Screw the upper assembly In to the bottom pen, the fountain pen is ready to write.

What is rollerball ink?
A rollerball refill is a liquid ink filled tube, which has a golf ball like dimpled ball, which delivers this liquid ink to the paper. Rollerball liquid ink is similar to liquid used in fountain pen ink.

How is rollerball ink different from ballpoint ink?
 It is very different from ballpoint ink, which is waxy and requires thrust to push the ink from the tip. A rollerball liquid ink refill flows as if a wick is touched to the paper. Paper (or a shirt pocket) will literally wick the ink from a rollerball refill in minutes. There is a wick inside the tube.

Why does my rollerball skip?
 It is likely because the paper surface is unsuitable or it has dried out. Rollerball ink is liquid and needs be absorbed. Papers with a glaze or coating prevent the ink from being absorbed and can cause skipping. Also, be sure to keep your pen capped when not in use. Rollerball ink can evaporate and dry out the tip. With normal use, rollerball refills should last between 1-3 months after the wax seal is removed. Refills with a wax seal on the tip can be stored up to 1 year before they will dry out.

My fountain pen will not write?
Stroke the pen nib from the small hole to the tip with a damp paper to help start the ink flow. Always keep the nib covered when not in use to avoid ink from drying up.

Can I get refills for the pens I order?
 Every ballpoint and rollerball pen I sell uses standard Cross or Parker refills. The fountain pens use Waterman Style, and all are  available at office supply and stationery stores worldwide.

Do you display at Craft Fairs?
 Yes I do, any upcoming shows will be found on my events page. I currently am only doing shows in Massachusetts.

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