Rollerball Pens

Inkpot pens handcrafts rollerball pens in wood and acrylic. Each ink pen is one of a kind and custom made. Each writing instrument is always listed as an inventory of one, because it is uniquely made. The next one I make will always have subtle differences due to the nature of the material worked with.

A rollerball pen is more related to the fountain pen because it uses a water-based ink. Despite all the convenience ballpoint pens offered, fountain pen users missed the smooth flow of ink that was a feature of a fountain pen and the way this ink felt on a paper. Since the water based ink of a rollerball pen has a higher rate of drying out, having a cap is absolutely necessary for this pen to cover the pen nib when not in use. Rollerball ink spreads on paper widely and goes inside the paper a little deeper than oil-based ink of a ballpoint pen and retains some of the qualities of a fountain pen