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Product: Ink Pen. Nouveau Style in Antique Brass and Pewter with Bubinga Wood

Posted By: bob

a beautiful instrument but unfortunately the parker insert is not reliable and i have to keep scribbling it until it starts to write again, and this is only the first day it has been used. and the parker refill sent for one of the other beautiful pens i bought did not fit. just not my day i guess. but i think they are incredibly beautiful. just ink issues.


Extremely Impressed


Product: Ink Pen in Gothic Style with Antique Brass and Acrylic

Posted By: Robert Warren

I bought this pen for my wife and received it a few days ago. She has bought me several Mont Blanc pens and I wanted to get her one she'd be happy to own. I reviewed all the Mont Blancs and they really are a great pen but I was looking for an exceptional pen but under $100. So I Googled for Heirloom type pens and after reviewing some other sites i stopped here I had to look at every single pen and if I had the money I'd own half of them. Now as one can probably tell I love pens. But I like them to look great, to be well built and the best looking one on the conference table. My wife loves pens as well but she's interested in how it looks and how it writes and she'd be happy with a $3.00 pen as long as the pen met at least one of the two criteria. I haven't given it to her yet but I have no doubt that she will absolutely love it. It will meet both her criteria for pens. But her 3rd criteria is how much did it cost and I'm struggling with my response. $3.50 or $350. It definitely looks like a $350 writing instrument. So as a fine pen lover I had to look again and I found one that looks fantastic for me. It's on the way to me and I'll write a review once I receive it and put it through its trial runs. Bottom line is that Inkpot Pens are quality pens for a fair price for what you're getting. Also, they have answered my questions quickly, communicate when they ship and followed up after I received it. Great pen. Great Communication. Great Service.



My 2nd Pen


Product: Phoenix Rising Ink Pen in Antique Copper and Acrylic

Posted By: Robert Warren

I liked the first pen I purchased from here that I had to get another. The perfect combination with the colors and pattern with the Antique copper accents. I've always said I want the best looking pen on the conference table. But I'm retired now so it's the best looking pen wherever I am. It's a heavier pen than average but it feels perfect in my hand. From a guy that's had a lot of writing instruments I don't think you can got any better look and quality than the ones I've seen here. I've already picked out the next two on my list.